Farad CAPACITORS 2.7V 1.5F 5*22

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Farad CAPACITORS 2.7V 1.5F 5*22


The applications of supercapacitor include the following.

  • To deliver high power and bridge power gaps
  • Industrial and electronic applications
  • Used in wind turbines, electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Regenerative braking to release the power in acceleration
  • To start power in start-stop systems
  • Regulate voltage in the energy grid
  • To capture and assist the power in lower loads and lifted loads
  • Back-ups the power in a quick discharging state.

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Type: Farad Capacitors

Sleeve Color: Blue sleeve or customized
Capacitance:  1.5 F
Rated Voltage: 2.7 V
Surge Voltage: 2.85 V
Operate Temperature Ranges: -40℃~+70℃
Capacitance Tolerance: ±20% or required value
Size(D*L/Mm):  5*22mm
Lead Pitch(Mm):  2.0mm
AC Impedance (1KHZ):  200 mΩ
Maximum Operating Current(△T=15℃): 0.33 A
Maximum Peak Current:  1.16A
Maximum Leakage Current(72hrs): 0.006 mA
Power Density:  2499(W/Kg)
Maximum Storage Energy: 0.0015W.h
Energy Density:  2.17(W.H)
Weight(G): 0.0015 Kg
Packing: Bulk Packing


2.7V 1.5F Super capacitor dimension (mm)
D(±1.0)   5.0
L(±1.5)  22.0
d(±0.05)  0.50
P(±0.5)  2.0

The facility have whole series of super capacitors, contact us if you could not find the right parts you need.

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