The first hybrid sports car using “super capacitor”

Lamborghini recently launched an electric hybrid car called Sián, which is equipped with the latest “super capacitor” technology.

Lamborghini’s new energy vehicle is not a pure tram, but a hybrid car, a hybrid sports car with a 6.5-liter V12 engine, named Sián.

Sián comes from Bologna, which means: a lightning bolt.

The maximum power can reach 819 horsepower, the maximum speed is more than 350 kilometers per hour, and it takes only 2.8 seconds to accelerate at 100.

The main power of this hybrid car is still burning oil. It accelerates at a speed of 2.8, which is 0.7 seconds away from the roadster with thousands of power that musk cries every day but still hasn’t produced in mass. It has successfully entered the two second club.

The current market is here. Basically, car companies around the world are waving goodbye to fuel vehicles. Many sports car brands in the past have also begun to transform into new energy vehicles.

However, it is also a sports car brand. Everyone wants to make a “electric run” to make a blockbuster after entering new energy. Every brand is thinking about how to maintain its glorious history of “speed light” in the new energy era.

Many enterprises choose to build pure electric sports cars. Lutes wants to build the fastest pure electric evijia in history and the upcoming eletre. The president of Ferrari also announced that it will launch pure electric sports cars after 2025.

But Lamborghini wants to be an alien. It is the first hybrid sports car in the world to use “super capacitor”.
The reason why Lamborghini can reach this speed is largely because of the supercapacitor.

When the vehicle is braking, it will quickly store energy for the super capacitor. If you step on the accelerator, the super capacitor will instantly release the energy stored during braking and quickly increase the motor torque.

In this way, you can accelerate in one second when starting, and you don’t waste the time when braking.

Post time: May-07-2022