7.5V 0.6F Series-Connected Super Capacitor Modules

Short Description:

Mainly Applications

Smart metering

Automotive (data logging, advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving, backup power)

Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)



Medical devices

Consumer electronics


Emergency lighting

Security equipment

Product Detail

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7.5V 0.6F Series-Connected Super Capacitor Modules


ITEM Specification
Rated Volatge(UR) 7.5V
Nominal Capacitance(C) 0.60F
Capacitance Tolerance -20%+50%
Operating Temperature Range  -40℃~+65
Maximum Equivalent Series ResistanceRAC(1kHz) 400
Maximum Leakage Current(72hrs) 0.010mA
Maximum Operating Current(T=15) 0.49 A
Maximum Peak Current 1.73A
Energy density 1.4WH/kg
Power density 2446W/kg

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