Coin Type 0.1F 5.5V Farad Supercapacitor

Short Description:

Coin Type 0.1F 5.5V Farad Supercapacitor


Cycle life under nominal voltage—-500000 cycles︱△C/C︱≤30%, ESR≤4times initial value(25℃)

Test method is based on—-IEC 62391-1  Fixed electric double-layer capacitors for use in electronic equipment -Part 1:Generic specification

Capacitance is based on constant current discharge method

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Coin type Super Capacitor 5.5V 0.1F V Type

Product Description:
Super Capacitor 5.5V 0.1 Specifications:
1)Good in keeping voltage stable
2)large capacitance, small size, long life
3) back-up power
4)stable performance
5)meet RoHS

Super Capacitor 5.5V 5.0F features:
1), Operate temperature: -25°C~+70°C,Cycle life 500,000 times
2), Small Size. Good performance in keeping voltage stable.
3), It can be the perfect back-up power supplier.

Super Capacitor 5.5V 5.0F application:
1)Electric Car, Panzer, Tax-controlled tankers , Solar Water Heater
2) Intelligent Energy Meter, Intelligent Electric Meter, Intelligent Water Meter, Power Source
3)Gas Cooker, TV Set 3, Mobile Phone, Electric Cooker

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Production Details

Coin type 5.5V 0.1F super capacitor


Wide work temperature range from -25℃ to 70℃
Long cycle life, low leakage current
Suitable for clock chip data retention
Selectable solder type of V,H,C
Recommended applications:
Back-up power for CMOS, RAM, VCR, Radio, TV, Phone, intelligent instruments, powers for toys

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