Introduction to Several Typical Applications of Supercapacitor

Introduction to Several Typical Applications of Supercapacitor

The first typical application: small power short-time backup power supply

Meter RTC clock holding

In the process of battery failure or replacement, in order to keep its internal RTC circuit working continuously under the specified accuracy, the smart electricity meter selects the super capacitor as the RTC backup working power supply. The super capacitor can not only meet the strict working temperature requirements of the intelligent electric energy meter from – 40 ℃ to+85 ℃, but also provide reliable guarantee for the long-term reliable operation of the intelligent electric energy meter due to its long working life. More importantly, the super capacitor‘s considerable specific energy and relatively simple charge discharge management circuit design greatly simplify the design of the RTC backup power supply. On the basis of the original lithium battery, the super capacitor is an ideal backup power supply supplement. Of course, supercapacitors are also widely used in other types of MCU to maintain RTCs.


At present, the State Grid intelligent single-phase meter has clearly proposed to use super capacitor as the backup power supply for RTC to keep the RTC circuit operating accurately for more than 48 hours, so as to realize the purpose of replacing the built-in battery.


Super capacitor for replaceable battery type intelligent single-phase meter RTC shall meet the following requirements:


1. There is no hidden danger of liquid leakage, so as to avoid “liquid leakage” from corroding PCB to form a whole meter fault;


2. Strong environmental adaptability, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, reliable operation at – 40 ℃~+85 ℃;


3. Ultra long service life, up to 16 years;


4. Maintenance free, no additional manual maintenance, one-time installation, full life cycle use;


5. The environment-friendly energy storage device will not cause environmental pollution in large-scale production and use.


Power loss data protection and communication assistance

At present, it is mainly used in electric power industry (such as distribution network terminal equipment FTU/DTU/TTU/LTU, fault indicator, national network concentrator, etc.) and vehicle industry (tachograph, track recorder, etc.);

1. Normal power supply: when the line is powered, the power module provides working power for DTU/FTU/LTU/TTU, and the super capacitor provides the electric opening/closing mechanism of the switchgear for operation.


2. Standby power supply: When the line loses power, the supercapacitor, as the energy terminal, provides the backup power supply for DTU/FTU/LTU/TTU through the power module, and drives the switch for opening and closing operation.


3. Scope of application: HOLYCap super capacitor power supply system is applicable to power failure protection of ring network cabinets, switching stations, substations, column units and other places in the distribution network field, and is provided for the use of switch cabinets, intelligent units, communication and other systems and equipment.


1. Fault indicator: the CT of the acquisition unit (probe) takes power and stores it in the super capacitor. After power failure, the super capacitor is used as the backup power supply for communication (GPS);


2. Concentrator and collector: when the state grid requires centralized reading, it is required to run for about 3 minutes after power failure to ensure stable communication. Super capacitors are used instead of batteries, because the life of batteries in the outdoor environment declines rapidly, and it is difficult to meet the service life of the concentrator. In addition, super capacitors can ensure the pulse current required for communication, and UPC can choose according to the actual design situation and margin of customers, Recommend appropriate technical solutions.


3. DASH CAM: The DASH CAM needs a backup power supply to ensure the integrity of the recorded data, especially at the moment when the main control power supply is cut off due to vehicle collision. Most of the DASH CAM used batteries as the backup power supply before, but the high temperature in the vehicle sharply reduces the life of the batteries. At the same time, the use of batteries also has the risk of explosion and fire. In particular, high-end DASH CAM has successively selected super capacitors as the backup power supply.

Similar applications include charging piles, commercial cash registers, etc., mainly to achieve power down data protection;

The second typical application: support instantaneous power

Intelligent water and gas meter valve closing

Coin type 5.5V 0.1F super capacitor

The super capacitor mainly realizes the function of closing the valve in intelligent water and gas meters. In water meters, batteries and super capacitors are usually used in parallel, because water meters often require a large instantaneous starting current at the moment of opening and closing the valve. Household intelligent water meters are above or below 150mA. When using the battery, the battery’s discharge capacity decreases with time, and it is often unable to respond to such instantaneous current in a timely manner, The battery stores the electric energy in the super capacitor to realize the instantaneous current power support through the super capacitor, so as to achieve the goal of reliably closing the valve. At the same time, in some communication occasions, the super capacitor also supports the instantaneous pulse current of communication.

Product features:

1. Completely eliminate “liquid leakage”;

2. Ultra long service life;

3. Wide operating temperature range, reliable operation within – 40 ℃~+85 ℃;

4. It is more suitable for occasions with high requirements for moisture-proof and water-proof properties, and relatively sealed, with good high and low temperature characteristics;

Application field:

Communication module, power failure warning, meter RTC, intelligent water, gas meter and other places with high requirements for moisture-proof and water-proof characteristics.

Car start


Low temperature starting has always been a problem for all kinds of engines. External heating is a commonly used means at present, but its disadvantages are also obvious: long preparation time (it needs to be warmed up for nearly 1h before starting), high cost of system transformation, large volume, high cost of single start, high risk of some methods, etc. The use of HCCCAP ESM module can be widely used in the field of battery enhanced starting for all kinds of engines, It has a high power output capacity of 10 times the same weight of the battery, can still be started normally under the low temperature of minus 40 ℃, and has an ultra long and reliable service life of more than 10 years. It has important application value in various occasions such as special vehicles, various vehicles in low temperature areas, and emergency power generation systems of highly reliable cloud servers.


Most engineering vehicles, military vehicles, anti-terrorism and explosion-proof vehicles have special operating environment temperature and strict requirements. Unlike batteries that generate and store energy through chemical reaction, supercapacitors use electric fields to store energy. This electrostatic energy storage mechanism of the supercapacitor enables it not only to complete charging and discharging in less than one second, but also to work normally in a wide temperature range from – 40 ℃ to+70 ℃, reliably run for more than a million charging and discharging cycles, and have good vibration resistance and impact resistance.

The use of super capacitor in vehicle startup mainly refers to the following two points:


1. Wide temperature application range: – 40 ℃~70 ℃, especially excellent low-temperature performance;


2. Good instantaneous power characteristics: large current can be released instantaneously; When the temperature of the car battery is low, it is basically difficult for the car battery to release large current instantaneously. Especially in the north, when the temperature is below – 20 ℃, the battery is basically unable to solve the large current required for the car to start. At this time, the super capacitor can just meet the application requirements.

Medical X-ray machine


The power of medical X-ray machine at the moment of exposure and photographing is very high. For mobile X-ray machine, there is usually a backup battery. When using the battery, if the X-ray machine is frequently used for exposure, the battery will have a lifetime due to the impact of instantaneous large current discharge, and even the battery can not respond to the required current pulse in time, so that the photo is not clear. For commercial X-ray machine, The impact of the instantaneous large current on the power grid is also great when starting to take pictures, which is easy to lead to the deterioration of the power quality of the power grid and other problems. The use of the instantaneous power characteristics of super capacitors can meet the current required by the X-ray machine to take pictures, thus solving the above problems. Such applications often need to design corresponding capacitance schemes in combination with the actual situation.


The super capacitor module for medical use is a super capacitor module developed by Unitalen for X-ray machines, MRI and other precision instruments and other ultra-high power applications. It has ultra-low internal resistance, which can be as low as 60 milliohms. It can release thousands of amperes of current instantly, and can withstand more than 600 amperes of current in a short time. It is small in size and high in power; Wide operating temperature range, – 40 ℃~+70 ℃; Long service life, environmental protection, no pollution;

Port crane


The super capacitor energy storage system is mainly used in the energy recovery system of heavy machinery such as port cranes, petroleum equipment, mining trucks, excavators, etc; In addition to energy recovery, super capacitors can also provide instantaneous power for power compensation of heavy machinery startup; Longer service life; The operating temperature range is – 40 ℃~+70 ℃; No pollution and maintenance; It is applicable to various climatic conditions.

For the operation of energy storage power stations and port equipment, a new type of intelligent super capacitor energy storage package with large capacity, large power and strong adaptability is introduced, which can be upgraded to 50% of the energy density, and the electricity can reach 0.5 kwh. It is a new type of technology in the energy storage industry, and will save customers more than 30% of the cost. In the system, real-time data acquisition and monitoring can be carried out, the system operation status can be analyzed, independent data processing units can collect and process data in real time in a large number of capacitor units, and unique stacking technology is adopted. The energy storage system can not only conduct better data acquisition and monitoring, but also provide a great technical guarantee for the safety of the system.

7.5V 1.0F Series-Connected Super Capacitor Modules

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