Xiaomi Phone 55W GaN uses Holy polymer solid state capacitor


When dismantling the original Xiaomi 55W GaN charger of Xiaomi 11,  found that the new type of emerald CS series polymer solid state capacitor was used inside the charger.


This polymer solid state capacitor adopts chip packaging and miniaturization design. It has the advantages of ultra-low impedance and high ripple resistance. It is suitable for mobile phone charger, computer motherboard and server applications, and its operating temperature range is – 55~105 ℃.


The rated working voltage of CS series SMD solid state capacitor is 2.5-25V standard value, and the capacity range is 22~2700 μ F. The same capacity is available in different volumes, suitable for different installation environments. SMD packaging is suitable for reflow soldering, and the lead-free reflow soldering temperature is up to 260 ℃.


The figure shows two emerald CS series solid state capacitors, specification 470 μ F25V, two are welded in parallel on the plane transformer PCB to provide filtering for the output.


In addition to CS series 470 entering the Xiaomi fast-charging supply chain μ In addition to F25V, Emerald also has 11 popular SMD solid state capacitor products including CS series and CT series, of which the CT series has a maximum temperature resistance of 125 ℃, which is suitable for more severe working environment.


It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the design requirements of GaN fast charging and high density, we also launched a series of miniaturized high-voltage electrolytic capacitors for GaN fast charging, with a capacity of 15 μ F to 47 μ F, providing a complete set of capacitance solutions for high-density power supply.


We produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solid state capacitors and super capacitors, which are used in automotive electronics, new energy, LED lighting, high-end power supply and professional audio. Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that our capacitor is used in many enterprises such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, ZTE, Meizu, etc. Its performance has been verified by the market, its quality has been recognized by the market, its performance is superior, and its cost performance is high.


Post time: Jan-11-2023